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(i used this idea from my friend’s blog…please forgive me!)

1) I turned 40 this year.

2) I am female.

3) I’m told I look younger than I really am.

4) I have 3 kids, 2 of which I had out of wedlock.

5) I detest anyone who bashes single mothers. I have been one most of my adult life. Don’t pity me, it’s by choice.

6) I have a career that I actually enjoy.

7) I bought my first house 10 months ago.

8 ) I hate roaches and spiders.

9) I wear a size 7 1/2 shoe.

10) I have been married and divorced.

11) Divorce was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

12) I am stronger now than I have ever been.

13) My favorite genre of music is Country.

14) My favorite jazz singer is Michael Buble.

15) I have 2 dogs, a cat and very soon will have some fish.

16) I detest players. I also dislike liars.

17) I hate the N word.

18) I am a firm believer in the paranormal.

19) I’ve had my fair share of paranormal experiences which first started around the age of 13.

20) My sister had the same experiences before me.

21) When I was a teenager, I saw what was visiting me during the night. It scared the hell out of me and I still remember it just as clear today as the night it happened. I still fear it.

22) A year ago, the same thing started visiting my daughter in the night when she was at my parents house.

23) I am still the only one that has seen it.

24) I hate my parents house for the reasons I just listed.

25) I don’t like strangers to flirt with me. I don’t really enjoy non-strangers to do that as well.

26) It makes me uncomfortable when someone doats upon me. Perhaps I’ve just been doated upon by the wrong men.

27) I find intellectual men attractive.

28) I am told that I am intellectual as well, but that I try to just fit in with everyone else. I have been told this by many.

29) I love books.

30) Patricia Cornwell is my favorite author.

31) My lifelong dream is to someday write a book.

32) I rarely cry.

33) I’m very laid-back.

34) I hate drama and detest skanks. I like for my life to be simple and drama-free.

35) I rarely drink alcohol. But when I do, I like Shiner Bock.

36) I don’t smoke.

37) I’m told more times than not that I am too nice.

38) I was in Hurricanes Rita and Ike. I live 2 hours from the Gulf, so it didn’t take them long to make it through my town.

39) I have broken my little toe on each of my feet at least once (not at the same time).

40) I hate slapstick movies. I think they are stupid.

41) I desire to someday own a house in a foreign country.

42) I am a very reserved individual until someone gets to know me better. I don’t let many in.

43) I am right-handed, but can use my left as well.

44) Goldenrod is one of my favorite colors.

45) My ears are pierced.

46) Daisies are my favorite flowers.

47) I am an expert on unrequited love.

48) I am too forgiving.

49) Green Tea Frappuccino is my favorite Starbucks drink. Chai Tea Frappuccino runs a close second.

50) I enjoy fly-fishing.

51) I tie my own flies.

52) Nascar is my favorite sport (and yes, it is a sport).

53) I plan on eventually taking a writing course.

54) When I was 25, I was in a tornado. That same year I was in a hail storm.

55) I love my Egyptian Cotton sheets and Down Comforter.

56) I’m not a big fan of ice cream.

57) Today was the last time I cried (Wed May 20, 2009).

58) I truly believe the government could do something about the gas prices if they really wanted to. When Hurricane Katrina hit, they blamed the increased prices on the rigs out in the Gulf being put out of commission by the storm. Later, they blamed it on supply and demand. Later, they blamed it on the Saudis. Frankly, I think ‘they’ are full of crap.

59) I do not like having my picture taken.

60) One of my dogs is a Keeshond.

61) Sons of Anarchy is my favorite show. I also love Ghost Hunters and CSI: Miami.

62) I think Kurt Cobain was a musical genius and I truly believe he was murdered.

63) I love Texas Country music.

64) I dislike moochers.

65) I am a do-it-yourselfer.

66) That includes working on my own car and my computer.

67) I have a tattoo.

68) I love the Sims.

69) I love music & lyrics.

70) I own an electric guitar. I can play it a little, too.

71) Chili is my favorite meal.

72) I am right at 5’2″, maybe a little shy of it.

73) I have two best friends. One is female, one is male.

74) I like to dress up.

75) My levis and boots are my favorite attire. Yes, I wear a shirt too.

76) Italian is my favority type of food. I am also venturing into learning the language, along with French.

77) I love the crunchy edges on homemade pound cake.

78) I have tons of DVDs.

79) As a teenager I studied Egyptology. I find their history fascinating.

80) Pimpwar is my favorite online game.

81) If I am wrong, I will be the first to admit it.

82) I am genuine.

83) I get frequent headaches. It’s also genetic.

84) In ’99 I let stress get to me so much that I got ulcers and almost had a nervous breakdown. (I was going through a divorce). My ulcers still occassionaly act up.

85) I have Acid Reflux Disease.

86) I’m allergic to a long list of foods.

87) I don’t follow the diet I am supposed to.

88) I usually get a maximum of 6 hours sleep a night, if that.

89) Beautiful, Red, Red Door and Sensuous are my favorite perfumes. I also like Andron.

90) I only sing in the car.

91) I hate asparagus.

92) I enjoy eating green olives with my spaghetti.

93) I’m stubborn.

94) I’m anaemic.

95) I trust very few people.

96) Cary Grant is one of my favorite actors.

97) Holiday Inn is one of my favorite all-time movies.

98) I enjoy doing genealogy research. I have traced one of my lines all the way back to 1094.

99) I wear a Livestrong bracelet and never take it off.

100) I eat like a bird.