This particular subject has been a sore spot for me since Hurricane Katrina. I’m sure you can all recall when Katrina was well on her way to New Orleans. The oil rigs out in the Gulf were shut down. Then the storm hit, New Orleans was devestated. Two weeks later, Hurricane Rita hit. This one hit Texas. When all this chaos was going on, gas prices rose. The media reported that it was due to the rigs in the Gulf being out of commission and we were having to rely on foreign oil. Later, when gas prices were still outrageously high they blamed it on supply and demand.

Today, five years later gas prices are still high. What I’m wondering is, why isn’t the government doing anything about it? The oil rigs are running 24/7, so why are we still having to pay high prices? I live in a small East Texas town known mostly for a company that makes oil field equipment. And even then, most people have never even heard of it. So tell me, why are gas prices in my small town more expensive than they are…in…oh…let’s say, just for kicks….Galveston, TX?

Yes, I watch gas prices in my small town on a daily basis and every day it infuriates me. I know the answer to my own question. It’s because one company owns the majority of the gas stations within a 40 mile radius of my home town. You have to drive 40 miles out of town in any direction to get cheaper gas prices. Two days ago, gas prices rose 20 cents in one day…one day! And what I’m wondering is this…why is it being allowed? Why is this one family owned company allowed to make a profit off of so many tens of thousands of East Texans? Why isn’t something being done about it? Why is it allowed to continue? Why are East Texans sitting back and letting these money hungry pricks make a profit off of them when the economy isn’t in such great shape to begin with?