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And that means YOU, Waco. (If I might be so bold.)

Truth be known…Yes, there are times when he still crosses my mind every now and then. Sometimes during the day, sometimes at night, and at times when I least expect it. He’s been in my life even in the smallest way for the better part of a decade. I learned so much from him during and after our time together. He will always have his own special place in my heart whether he realizes that or not. Or if he even cares.

I remember the happy times with him and the not so happy. When he did things or said things that were really sweet and caring, and then the times that it really hurt and struck me to the core, but I would never say anything because I didn’t want to seem that I was getting too close or attached or I didn’t want to appear weak. He is a good man, always has been. He just always felt that I deserve more than him and that still makes me sad when I think about it. I still have the utmost respect for him and I’m sorry if I ever let him down. I sincerely didn’t mean to. What I’m sorry for the most is the way that he let me go. He always told my friends how he regretted it, but then he’d never make a conscious effort to change that. That made me sad the most.

If you ever find that you’ve somehow stumbled upon my blog…do me a favor. One, understand that you will forever be in my heart. And two, I know you let me get closer than anyone since her. But if you ever let anyone in again, even if it’s a little bit…be a little more aware of what you say or do..of how it might be perceived. And if you really care for them and you know they are worth having, don’t let em slip away like you did me. I just hope you and I don’t regret that forever.