Last week my son came for a short visit, asking me to order him a new power adapter for his Dell laptop. The Akita chewed through his cord and he was in dire need of one in time for school. One of my fellow managers was working with me that night and saw it. He asked what it was for and I explained what had happened. He said he not to buy one yet because he felt that he had one at home that might work. I went ahead and bought a new one anyway because my son needed one in two days. The next day, my fellow manager brought his laptop to work. It came with a case, some software, and a plug-in modem. He told me to take it home and try it. So I took it home that night. Knowing that the cord for his laptop wouldn’t fit my son’s, I never opened the case.

I didn’t see him again until yesterday and told him I needed to give him his laptop. He asked if I tried using it, I told him no because the cord wouldn’t fit my son’s laptop. When I told him I needed to return it to him, he told me to keep it. He explained that he hadn’t tried using the laptop in years, that someone he used to work with messed it up and he didn’t think it worked any longer. I thanked him and immediately thought about trying to repair the laptop.

I wasn’t able to try until a couple of days ago. I brought it to my dad, along with my copy of XP. I went to visit my dad this afternoon. He told me that the disk wasn’t in my Windows case. I had to go back home and finally found my disk. He told me he was beginning to wonder what was keeping me. I told him I usually keep all of my software together. Dad has given my youngest daughter a laptop several months ago. It wasn’t working, but she’d wanted it anyway. I had attempted to reformat it several months ago and forgot to return it to its case. It took us a couple of attempts before I decided to look it up on the internet. The net is notorious for having a plethora of how-to’s listed on it. Lucky for us, the first thing I found dealt with a Dell and it told in detail what to do. We started the process and decided to stop for lunch and let the laptop do it’s thing. When we came back, it was only halfway done and appeared to be in sleep mode. I touched the mouse and it started up where it left off.

To my surprise, it finished up without a hitch. So here I am this morning, laying in bed and blogging to whoever might trip upon my little abode. I’ve wanted a laptop for this very purpose for some time now, but just never broke down and bought one for myself. That’s why I haven’t blogged much thus far, because I don’t like having to go to the living room if I’ve got something to say. Silly, I know. But still. The laptop is a few years old, but it will do the trick. It occurred to me yesterday that my peer doesn’t know much about computers. That’s okay, he had told me he’d bought a replacement for it years ago. I know this laptop is an older model, but I love it. The icing on the cake is knowing that I was able to fix it and use it for myself. That makes it that much more worth while.