Every now and then, a certain thought enters my mind…where is he and why haven’t I found him yet? And I can’t help but wonder if there really is someone out there that is just for me. Someone that I can be myself around and not have to hide behind the confines of my walls. And when I’m with them, I’m calm on the inside and not a nervous wreck. Someone who is patient and won’t get bored.Who won’t show interest in other women more than they do for me. Who won’t continue looking even though they know they have me. Someone who will want to be around me and just hang out. Who is truly interested to know what’s going on inside my head. Someone who wants to sit and just listen. I still want to do things in my life, to go places. And not the usual places people go to get away. I want to go where people wouldn’t think to go. And it would be nice if I could find someone who would want to share that with me. Who would be just as intrigued about it all as I know I would be. I can’t imagine someone like that existing, because I sure haven’t found him yet. But one can never give up hope.