Recently, my son broke up with his off-and-on girlfriend. He swore up and down that he was not getting back with her again. Two days later, he was back with her. During his off-time from her, he came into my store and saw a girl he thought was pretty. Before I left for the day, she asked me about him. When I got out to my car a few minutes later, I found that he had texted me asking about her. Long story short, they are now talking. Turns out, he had broken up with the off-and-on after about a day. He said he could no longer handle all the drama she dispensed into his life. Of course, I knew something had happened because my son would not even dream of talking to another girl unless the present one in his life was no more. Bye-bye drama queen!

Last week I took the leap and got my long locks cut. My hair was down to my butt and I finally got it all chopped off. It is now right below my shoulders and I love it! Very easy to manage. I am hoping that it will help ease some of the headaches I have had. Now I make an effort to fix it everyday and wear make-up. Not that I look horrible without it, I just look like I’m my daughter’s age. My kids tell me that’s a good thing and they are proud I look so young.

I called on my ex-husband last week for a favor. Back in our early married years, he installed car stereo systems for a living. I asked him to install my son’s or else it would cost me $100 bucks to get it done. Why? Because I bought it for him for Christmas. My ex was happy to help. I guess so, because that gave him a chance to be around me again. Yes, even a year after his break-up from wife #2, he is still sniffing around me. A few days ago, I met him somewhere so I could get our daughter after she spent that weekend with him. He called me a little while later and told me how good I looked. Later that night, he started texting me and telling me again, how good I looked. At one point, he told me I looked finger-licking good. Now, if you’re going to compliment me then just do it. But don’t make me feel like a piece of meat. And I told him so, too. I have been talked to that way before and I do not enjoy it. He felt bad and said he was going to bed. So, I called him and told him not to be that way. He apologized (many times) and he said he just wanted me to know how good I looked. I told him that’s all he had to say. He didn’t have to add all that other stuff. Just talk to me like a person, not your lunch. He stressed to me again that he would like to take me out to dinner or whatever meal he could.

My hairdresser is also my friend of 20 years. She tells me that I should give my ex a chance. Go out with him and see what happens. Maybe some sparks will fly. I doubt it, they haven’t sparked yet. But then again, after 10 years I haven’t squared with what he did. I’m not sure if I ever will. Unfortunately, it has caused me to not trust others as much as I might have had he not been a cheating bastard. As I’ve said before, I’ll be his friend, but I don’t know that I can be anything more. Still, he says he’s not giving up. I guess he should have thought of that all those years ago. My friend also reminded me of someone I dated 20 years ago who is now single and still looking good. She told me that maybe I should give him a shot if he starts looking my way again. I’m friends with him, we always give each other a hug when he comes in the store. My friend also stresses to me that my store is the mecca for all East Texas men and I should really be fixing myself up so maybe I can meet one of them. It is true that men from all over the area come in, but I’m usually too busy to notice any of them unless I know them.

She asked about the ex-boyfriend from long ago (my oldest daughter’s sperm donor). I told her the update on all of that and how he’s the same person he always was, only worse. He showed up at my house last weekend uninvited. I wasn’t going to let him in the house, but my daughter told me to. She mentioned that he had his teeth done. He smiled and showed that he had fangs put in. Yes, fangs. What kind of freak does that? My daughter told me later that he told her that his teeth were that way most of his life and that the dentist had to file them down. I explained to her that, again, he’s lying to her. His teeth were never that way when I dated him and if they were, I would have never had anything to do with him. Freak. She doesn’t have much to do with him, which is why he showed up. He told her he was worried because she hadn’t answered his texts or calls. She didn’t give him a reason. I also explained to her that he didn’t show up because he thought something was wrong. He could have called me in that case. He drove 200 miles to make a point to her that she can ignore him all she wants and he’s still not going away. I told her if she wants him out of her life, then she’s just going to have to tell him.

I got a new puppy a couple of weeks ago. My boss is selling his house and can’t have one now so he gave him to me. I had him in the house at first to let him adjust to his new surroundings. He’s been getting more and more mischievous lately. Grabbing our shoes among other things, and taking off with them at full speed ahead. Yesterday was the last straw for me. He found a spot over by my hope chest and peed. Not even five minutes later he went to that same spot and did it again, even though he had just got a pop on the bootie for it. So, I put him in the backyard with my other two pups. I was afraid the dogs next door might try to get him. The first time I took him out in the backyard, one of them tried to crawl under the fence after him. I kicked at its head and it backed up. Lucky for me, they haven’t tried anything else. They just bark at him when they get bored. My cats are a lot happier having the house all to themselves again.

That’s all the blogging for now. Until later…