Yes, I have a Yahoo stalker. Have for years. He saw me on a webcam years ago when I was at someone’s house. I walked past the camera and he’s been after me, so to speak, ever since. I had talked to him for a bit, but it didn’t take me long to find out that he’s very clingy. He’s been trying to get me to let him meet me for years. I’ve tried to be nice and explain to him that he’s 5 states away and I’m not going to be with anyone that far away. I’ve been so bold as to tell him flat-out, No! He just doesn’t get it. Every time he messages me, he asks when I’m going to let him meet him. Oh let’s see…how bout, never?

Finally, a couple of days ago he messaged me telling me that he’s giving up. That he realizes I’ll never let him meet me. I told him it’s pointless to meet someone who far away. He told me he’d move here. I told him it’s insane to move somewhere for someone you’ve never even met and hardly even know. He said he didn’t mean right off the bat. I, again, told him no. I thought that was the last I’d hear about it…finally! But tonight, I come home seeing that I have yet another message from him. He said something like I was ignoring him or something because I didn’t respond to him when he sent me a message. I told him that I wasn’t here, it’s called having a job. He said something sarcastic. After a few exchanged messages, he suggested that I remove him from my friends list. Little does he know that he hasn’t been on my list in a long time. He just keeps popping up leaving me messages. He’s like the creature that wouldn’t die! I’m THIS close to tell him to go dirty-word himself!

Ok…I opted not to dirty-word him, I just put him on my ignore list and blocked him from my Facebook! I feel so liberated after all these years of being chased after by this internet moron!!! 😀