Earlier this week, I made the decision to invest in a different brand of skin care products. A few weeks ago I had received an invitation from an old schoolmate to attend an Arbonne party. I accepted. My first purchase was a wonderful salt scrub and skin care products for my oldest daughter. This week I purchased an advanced system for me. I’m told that I will be able to visibly see a difference in a matter of 24 hours. I’ve been lucky through the years as far as aging is concerned. I look years younger than what I really am. Still though, it doesn’t hurt to try to fight what time can do to my skin. I received my package today and have already tried it out. I’m really excited about this and am hoping that what I’m told about this product is right. It was pricey, but will last me for six months to a year. So if it does what they say it does, it will be well worth it. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow!