A few days ago I ventured out to buy a new hard drive for my pc. I had a 160gb on mine and had less than 10 gigs of space left. With two teenagers, it’s hard to see where all the space went. I did all my research online to decide where I wanted to buy it. I was originally going to buy one from Tiger Direct. They had a super deal online for a 1 TB for 40 bucks. I waited a day to buy it and they were all gone. I could have bought from them and paid the same price that the retail giant shows to have, but with shipping it would have been more. I decided to go to the place I hate most. Since they’ve grown over the past 25 years, their customer service has gone to shit. No other way to say it. You walk in to almost any one of their stores and their associates would rather look the other way than actually practicing their no longer existant ’10ft rule’. I should know because I’ve been to many of their stores all over this great state and a few other states, as well. I know it’s the same all across our great country. The only two store locations I’ve actually been acknowledged in are in Center, TX and Broken Bow, OK. I can only imagine Mr. Sam shaking his head from above at what his kids have let his company become.

Anyway, I went in there with every intention of buying a hard drive for $79.00. I went to the exact location they would be, only to find external hard drives. I walked around the electronics department for probably 20 minutes, each stopping in the computer accessories aisle to make sure I didn’t overlook them. At the end of that aisle was a clearance endcap filled with crap, completely in disarray. No more than 20 feet away stood 5 of their associates in a big circle just hanging out. They were a rather boisterous bunch. I walked past them many times waiting for one of them to acknowledge me. That never happened. Finally, I went to their electronics counter and asked for help from the first associate that wasn’t already occupied with a customer. I asked where I could find internal hard drives and explained that the group of associates had stood their quite some time ignoring all the customers. He told me he would take me to the hard drives, but stopped and grabbed one of those associates – claiming that this guy was ‘our computer guy’. I hesitated, but told the man what I was looking for. He took me right where I’d already looked 20 times. I immediately told him they weren’t there. He took me to the junk endcap explaining they would be there if they weren’t on the shelf. He stated that they’d had a reset last week and everything got moved.

I asked him if he could check in the back to make sure they hadn’t been left there by mistake. He told me if they’d had them then they would be out on the shelf, so they must all be gone. I explained to him that they carry several different models, along with different brands. He said again, that they’re all gone and said they must have went clearance. I told him these were items they always carry and had a good-sized assortment in stock. Did he really think they sold out in a week? He said yes. I told him they show they have them online. He said they have everything online. (I’m sorry…do I LOOK stupid?) I told him no, they show to have them in that store. He said that’s his home office that does that and they don’t know what they have in his store. I told him…”you know what…forget it…I’ll just go somewhere else.” As I walked away rather quickly, he said he was sorry in a ‘it’s not  my fault’ tone. As soon as I got outside, I called the store and asked for a manager. I sat on hold for 5 minutes, so I hung up as I pulled in to Best Buy’s parking lot. I was greeted immediately as I walked through the door. I hadn’t even made it twenty feet before I was asked if I needed help. I told them exactly what I was looking for and they took me straight to it. It was $20 more than what I would have paid at Wally-world, but at this point I didn’t care. I told him I would take it. I asked him a couple of questions, which he answered perfectly and then I proceeded to the check-out counter. That experience in Best Buy took less than 10 minutes and I was a happy camper. I thought about sending an online customer complaint to the larger retailer, but decided that they wouldn’t care from a Corporate level either. Ironic isn’t it? The people who shop in their stores are nothing more than a burden to them, but yet they are the very people who pay their paycheck and have taken their company to the size it is today!

I have, however, decided to send Best Buy a customer comment telling them what great customer service they give. That day, I vowed that I will never shop at wally world again. They are notorious for treating their associates bad, since that wasn’t enough…I guess they extended that to their customers. The sad thing is that company is responsible for shutting down mom & pop stores all over America and all we’re left with is that shithole. I really hate them!

I guess that old adage is true: You get what you pay for!