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I had a lab-mix puppy that my boss gave me. He told me that if I didn’t want him, he was going to take him to the animal shelter. I took him, thinking it would turn out ok. I haven’t had that great of a track record with animals I have taken in. Just like the Akita, he tore up my yard. He almost finished what the Akita had started by nearly completely ripping  my coaxial cable from the wall. Did I mention that he almost chewed it in half? I kept him for almost 3 months before I decided that enough is enough. Ironically, the day after I decided he had to go..my sister texted my daughter telling her they had a Keeshond puppy at the shelter. She’s been there for around seven years and has never seen a Keeshond of any age come through there. My kids went to see him the next day and they really liked him. She brought him over that day, as well. I’d forgotten how fun that breed of puppies can be. We had to wait 3 days before we could adopt him, in case the owners were looking for him. He came in there matted and none of the workers other than my sister could even recognize that what breed he is. Luckily, they didn’t receive any calls about him and we got to bring him home. He’s been here a week and he’s a wonderful little guy full of energy and character. My older Keeshond doesn’t seem to mind him either. Now I’m able to let my dogs and my declawed cat outside again. I couldn’t do it before without my cat being endlessly chased and keeping my dogs from eating. I’ll post pictures later!