My oldest daughter has dated her boyfriend for a year. He’s ok, I guess. His mom, a total psycho. I’ve had run-ins with her more than once. The latest one is that I had to kick her off my property a couple of months ago. She’s an out of work registered nurse who drinks too much and is strung out on prescription drugs. Her two kids are now living with her ex-husband and she’s living with her alcoholic out of work boyfriend. As for her son, I liked him at first. But over the past few months I’ve noticed what type of person he really is. Whiney, selfish, takes my daughter for granted, lets her be the strong one in the relationship. My dad says he’s a wimp and I think that’s the perfect description. I grow tired each week seeing how he treats my daughter. Last week I had enough and sat her down. I explained to her what I’ve noticed, I didn’t want her to think something was wrong with her or that this is the way it’s supposed to be. She told me she’s noticed these things as well. I’m ready for him to hit the road, but that’s her call. Its jsut hard sitting back and watching your child endure unnecessary dookie do from some idiot.