So…as long as I could remember, people (adults) only took their ‘significant other’ to meet their parents when things are serious. It was that way with my family, and with their family and their family’s family, etc. So, I find myself a bit confused. Why do some jsut take any tom, dick or harry or harriet to meet the folks…regardless of the seriousness status of the relationship? Or if it even is a relationship, maybe they’re jsut a friend with benefits. I find it odd and it made me think a bit. Hmm. Odd. It jsut goes to show me that that’s not the type of person I want to be with. I know ya’ll are scratching your heads on this one, but at least I know what I’m talkin about lol. Basically, I remember when meeting the parents was a sacred thing, as it should be. But there are others that don’t, and that’s jsut weird to me. What happened with all that?