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Chicken livers, yum! There’s this fast chicken chain in town who make the best chicken livers in the friggin world! I love, love, LOVE chicken livers. I love beef livers too đŸ™‚ This particular place is only down in the South, lucky for me. I also like their chicken strips, but I always walk away feeling like I have a 20lb brick in my tummy. But they’re jsut so tasty! So, forgive me, but I’m gonna munch on me livers and fried okra while I blog to you fine folks.

My son missed his morning class because he overslept. Why? Maybe because he played X-box til the wee hours of the morning. I long for the day that he gets over all that.

The swelling in my nose has finally started to go down and it’s now no longer bright red and shiny. I looked like Rudolph for a few days, literally! The constant throbbing is gone too, so I know the antibiotics are starting to work. The down side is that for BOTH meds, one of the side effects is that it gives you the shits, which set in this morning and in some cases, the severe shits. It also causes loss of appetite. I’m still waiting for that one to kick in. Maybe I can lose a few pounds through all of this.


Somebody wants to take me out this weekend. I’ll consider it. I’m older now and a lot wiser, so we’ll see. I think if anything, I’ll go out of sheer curiosity.

Oh! I don’t know if I mentioned it in an earlier post, but my son took the Boxer back after it chewed on my door. Turns out, he had left it at my parents old house and it ripped up the carpet in my parents room. Lucky for him, my mom was already planning to put tile down. So, doggy gone gone..on to, hopefully, a bigger yard and more tolerant people. I’m now looking for an American Eskimo for him. Those are hard to find!

So..that’s it for now!