I’ve decided to sell some stuff on Ebay. For starters, I put my Arbonne RE9 set. I just bought it about 3 months ago, but I quit using it after a couple of weeks. Apparently I’m quite allergic to the citrus smell. Each time I’d use it, I’d instantly start sneezing and get very stuffy. My eyes would get swollen and I wouldn’t be able to stop sneezing. I’d always feel horrible after using it. I decided to list it for 10 days with an opening bid of $75, that’s a steal compared to the $323 that I paid for it. After having it listed for almost 4 days, I had several watchers and many views. I got a message from someone asking me if I would be willing to change it to “Buy it now” for $75 and they would be watching and buy it instantly. I told them that I had considered making it a “buy it now” before I had originally listed it. But when I had first read their message, I felt like surely what they were suggesting is against the Ebay seller’s rules. So, I changed it to a 5 day listing which gave it one more day to be listed. Within a few hours, I received several bids. The listing ended today and I sold my kit for $157, so I got right at half of what I paid for it. Yay! At least I got something for it. I’ve also listed another Arbonne item I had gotten, unused. I’ve still got a few days left on it and again, have several watchers. I’ve also listed my daughter’s necklace that the sperm donor gave her, which she hates. She’s completely disgusted by him and wants nothing to do with him. So I went ahead and listed it for her. She’s got some bids on it also. We’ll see how it goes 🙂 I love Ebay!