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That’s what my man has…baggage. Aren’t men supposed to be the strong ones? Not only that, but I’m sick of people not stopping to ask themselves if they really should say something before they say it. And then when they do say it, they’re surprised at your reaction. Yes, you pissed me off last night (not that you will ever be reading this because you don’t get on the internet). And surprise! I almost left your house when you reacted the way you did to my reaction, which is why I told you we didn’t need to talk about it any longer. Yes, I realize it put a damper on the rest of the evening because I could think of nothing else but your unbelievable question and comment. And then it pissed me off when you were trying to be funny about my choice of music. I know you were trying to make me laugh, but I was already put off by you. I happen to love jazz, don’t knock it or get out of my car 🙂 Currently, I’m doing much soul-searching. And we are to talk tonight. Even though I would love nothing more than to keep my thoughts to myself, we promised that we wouldn’t hide anything from each other. Honesty. Well, tonight you’re getting brutal honesty. I know we’re nowhere even close to where we should to talk about what we did last night. But don’t be all flip-floppy on me. Somehow, I don’t think you’ll like what I have to say tonight and vice versa. And for once, don’t bring what that whore did to you into it. I’m not her you dumbass and you know that because you were with me for 6 friggin years before that skanky bitch! Quit punishing me for what she did to you and bringing your recycled bullshit into our relationship! Sighs.