Why is it that certain ex’s clearly don’t want you in their life, but every now n then they’ll voice their regrets (even though the last time that happened has been about a year). They’ll do little things, leave little comments here n there to let you know they’re still around. And they check up on you, and you know they do…still. Is it curiosity or what? They’ve always known how you’ve felt, even though they say they don’t. Deep feelings like that don’t jsut go away, at least for a woman. A woman’s heart is a deep ocean 😉 (Titanic) And then, when they know you have someone else in your life, they make a generic snide remark for everyone to see. Noone catches on that the remark has a purpose but you, and you know what that purpose is. If you don’t care, then why mess with the other person? Hmmz? Is it because even though you don’t want that person, you don’t like it that they’ve moved on? Clearly you don’t want to be in their life, and you are still afraid to be happy. But be happy for them!