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Yesterday I had a day off from work. Somehow I always find myself dealing with work on my days off in one form or another. Whether it’s on the phone or that I have to go up there for a brief amount of time. We had a meeting yesterday and just as I was walking out of there, my phone started vibrating. It was my significant other. I was talking to one of the other managers, so I decided I would call him back when I left. I had to go stick something in my box and then I was on my way out. My boss stopped me before I could leave. Right before that my phone started vibrating once again. Since I had talked to my significant other only a couple of hours earlier, I knew something was up. I immediately called him when I got outside. He started babbling and wasn’t making much sense. I had to stop him and ask him to repeat what he said.

He has a daughter from a relationship he had with his high school sweetheart before he met me. She’s 19 now and completely lost. She called him yesterday and dropped the bombshell on him that she’s pregnant. Oh goodness. Even the thought of us being grandparents at this age…wow! And yes, I include myself in this equation because we intend to see this thing through, us, I mean. There’s no uncertainty in either of us whether this will work out. Anyway, he had already made plans with friends last night to celebrate a birthday. He decided to go talk to his daughter instead to find out what her plans are for this. I sent him a text after a couple of hours and told him to let me know how it went. He called me not long after that to tell me it’s like talking to a brick wall with her. But she plans to keep the baby and see things through. Both of us know it won’t be easy for her. The chances of her staying with her boyfriend are slim.

He told me that since she couldn’t let him know about her situation face-to-face, he dropped the bombshell on her too. He told her we have reconciled and he explained to her that things didn’t work out with us before because of what he had done. She had some questions, but she was excited. I was so relieved! Next, he plans to tell his mother. He also told his daughter that she will have to tell his mom about her situation. I’m shocked about all this, but at the same time, I’m excited. Our daughter is excited that she’s going to be an aunt. I think that once the dust settles and everyone gets over the shock, everything will be just fine.