Things have been amazing for the past month and a half. I hope they continue that way, too. About a month ago, maybe a little less than that, he upset me by saying he didn’t want to get married again after this last one. Now, granted, ex-wife #2 is a royal bitch. You just have no clue. And she’s a skanky, white trash bitch, to boot. Always has been. But when he had told me he didn’t want to get married again because of her, it upset me. I had always been good to him, regardless of how he was to me. And for him to completely dismiss the possibility of re-marrying because of her, that was a slap in the face. Yesterday we took the girls and Kiwi’s best friend out bowling and then to eat. Kiwi’s friend asked him when we’re getting re-married. He told her we’re taking things one day at a time. After we took the kids back home, he brought it up. He reminded me of the comment he had made weeks ago and explained that he’s no longer closed to the idea of us getting re-married. I told him that I think we’re in a good place now and he agreed. But said he wanted me to know that he’s no longer opposed to the idea. Good to know.