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I absolutely detest election year, of any kind. Why? Because of all the smear campaigns. It seems that’s all candidates know to do is to bash each other in the months leading up to election day. Who cares about what they REALLY stand for, right? It’s all about who can make who look worse. The citizens are freakin clueless of who they’re REALLY voting for. Most politicians are sleezy, in my book. We have a (now former) State Representative who has always done what’s right by the people. He’s also a Democrat. If you’ve ever gathered anything from my blog, you would know that I’m a Republican. I grew up in a conservative household and I have small town values. But being a Republican doesn’t make me a bad person. It jsut means that I don’t believe in everything that others believe in and vice versa. Now, granted, I don’t believe in EVERYTHING the Republican party stands for. But they are closer to my own beliefs. I also do not express my views to others and as a general rule, I try to keep politics out of my blog. People don’t care about what I think politically and I feel it’s disrespectful to throw my views on others. I refuse to do that. I don’t care what others think about my beliefs, but I also find it pointless to engage in a political debate when neither side will change the other’s mind about how they feel.

I am, however, getting offtrack here though. The Democratic Representative I mentioned, I voted for him and he’s the only Democrat I voted for.  I voted for him because he has always been a strong supporter of East Texas and has always stood up for what’s right. This year someone ran against him, a Republican. The guy ran a dirty campaign and bashed the man in his ads when Mr. Democrat ran a clean campaign. Unfortunately for East Texas, he lost. I don’t think it’s because people think he did a bad job, because he’s held that office for many years. I think it’s because people are not happy with the job the Democrat in the White House is doing and they think the less Democrats in office, the better. Isn’t that how both parties think? Anyway, for all you Democrats that are about to jump on the Republicans bashing bandwagon…don’t. Republicans and Democrats BOTH run dirty, character bashing, scumbag campaigns. You all know this. And I’m sick of it. I don’t give a shit what each candidate thinks of their opponent, I care about what they REALLY stand for. Not what they think the people want to hear, and then when they get in office, they don’t do anything that they said they would. And they usually do what they said they wouldn’t. Like I said, that goes for both parties. Neither is innocent of that. Bastards. Whatever happened to honesty and integrity? I truly think, overall, that’s something we haven’t seen in many, many, MANY years. I think it’s time for a REAL change, not one that jsut fucks us up even more.