Over the weekend, I went out-of-state. Understand that I am only 60 miles from the Louisiana border, that its jsut a hop, skip and a jump away. We had a fly fishing event that we do every year and everyone that goes look forward to that one thing all year, myself included. My daughter, who is in her last year of high school, had to take a test required to get into college. Her best friend spent the night with her Friday night, along with another girl from school. The other girl has been feuding with our neighbor’s daughter over a boy. Friday night, this girl decided to do something to the neighbor’s daughter’s car. My daughter and her best friend walked outside and caught the girl doing it. Because she was with them all weekend, they decided to tell the school counselor Monday morning, along with the police officer that stays at the school. They told them everything they knew about the situation, but forgot to tell me. That afternoon, the neighbor over and told me what had happened to the car. She said Kiwi was overheard saying she knew who did it and please let her know. I talked to my daughter and she told me everything, I relayed that info to the neighbor and let her know that the police dept. was made aware of it that morning. My daughter and her best friend decided they wanted to talk to the neighbor also, so I went with them. After talking, we all agreed to have a police officer come over and talk to them personally. It also turns out that the girl had left the tool that she used in my room on my floor. That was turned in also. Myself and the neighbor told the officer we wanted a criminal trespass warning issued to her. If she steps on either property, she goes straight to jail. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

At school, the girls are being talked about by everyone. The criminal girl in-the-making has been running her mouth and showing pictures of the CT warning to everyone. My daughter comes home every day upset about the situation at school. The neighbor’s daughter has been talked about by this kid for weeks. It got so bad one day last week that she had to eat her lunch in the bathroom because everyone is saying things to her. I’m enraged about the whole thing. I’m upset that it happened and by someone staying at my house, and that these girls are being tormented as a result of this idiot. I called the school this morning and talked to the Asst. Principal. My daughter has talked to the counselor many times, but has not taken things any further. Well, now they are further. According to him, this is not the first time they have had something of this nature happen with this kid. I explained to him that her actions (running her mouth and spreading rumors), etc. is disrupting these girls day at school. They can’t concentrate on anything other than this garbage. I can’t imagine what the parent of a kid that’s being bullied has to go through. This is bad enough. But, we’ll see what happens from this point.