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That’s what I nicknamed our daughter when she was a baby and that’s what we’ve continued calling her through the years. She’s in her first year of choir at school, she loves it and she says it’s something she wants to continue doing in the coming years. The school had their Christmas program for the choir last night. I found out two days earlier and had to switch my work schedule. I told my Significant Other about it and he made a point to get off work early so he could come too. It’s the first time Tater has had her parents together for any type of event in her life other than her birth and first birthday and first  Christmas. He’s missed out on a lot of events in her life. When he was married to the Witch, he got Tater on his weekends, but otherwise never attended anything she had going on. I don’t believe it was a lack of interest on his part, it was the Witch intervening and not putting our daughter’s life as a priority. The distance was always a factor for her, even though we’re, maybe, 20 miles away. It was always what was convenient for her. Bitch. I know that sounds bad on his part, and he and I have talked about it at great lengths. She called the shots in their marriage, even when his attendance to such events was needed. He knows it was very wrong to let her rule over things the way she did.

Last night was perfect though. My mom was there too. Tater was so cute on stage with all the bopping of her head and her facial expressions. We had such a good time watching her. When it was over, she ran over and hugged her dad and didn’t let go. It meant a lot to her to have him there and it meant a lot to me, as well. When I lost him years ago, I had such a void in my life where he once was. Our marriage wasn’t easy, but we loved each other and never stopped. We jsut couldn’t make things work. Later on, there were others for me…ok, 2 (not at the same time) in my life and one that I loved very much. Things jsut didn’t work out with either of them and for different reasons. I don’t know what the next few months hold for me. I’m hoping we’ll still be together. We’re jsut taking one day at a time. He’s the love of my life, there’s only one after him that came really close years ago. And it’s too bad things didn’t work out and I’ve told him so (the ex-bf, not the S.O.). But as for my S.O., I love that man more than I could ever describe. I’m thankful I have him back in my life. Maybe now that we’re both older and wiser, we can do things right this time. Only time will tell. I do know one thing, the sex was good before, but it’s friggin amazing now! I mean…dayam! Ahem…anyway. I’m hoping he’s not working Christmas day. He had to work all through Thanksgiving weekend. It would be wonderful if he could spend Christmas day with Tater, that hasn’t happened since her first Christmas. I’m gonna start talking to him about it now so he can maybe get that squared away with the boss. Well, here’s hoping…