Dora and Paisley are two very different cats. Dora is Siamese and Paisley is Calico. Dora is unsocial, I can’t get Paisley out of my face…literally. They both love tea. I used to make my own tea, but it’s more convenient to buy Red Diamond Sweet Tea. Dora and Paisley both love tea. If I leave my glass sitting unattended and forget to keep a watchful eye on them, they sneak up and get in my glass. I don’t fuss at them, I jsut pore it out and go on. Dora has been angry with me for about a year and a half now. That started when I brought Paisley home as an adolescent kitty. Dora used to be somewhat affectionate, but now she likes to keep to herself except when it’s convenient for her (when she wants something). She also loves it outside. Since she is declawed, I let her hang out in my back yard. It’s fenced in, so she can’t go anywhere. Paisley still has her claws and sits for hours looking out the window. I can’t wait til I can afford to get her declawed so I can let her out too.