Actually, I had the weekend off and it’s been nice. I haven’t heard from the store all weekend, which is very nice and rare. Usually I can’t have a day off, much less a vacation without them calling me. Last night, the S.O., Tater and I decided on dinner and a movie. We had a good time. We opted for Mexican food and then saw Little Fockers. It was pretty funny, I hadn’t seen the first two. After that, we went home and said our goodbyes to S.O. Today he and I will have some one on one time. He asked me last night if I like Neal McCoy’s music (he’s a country singer). I reminded S.O. that he sang our song that we had picked out when we were dating, gosh, 17 years ago. He told me that he’s going to be playing in a nearby town next month. Ironic, huh? I thought so anyway. Needless to say, we’ll be going.

I haven’t been much for writing lately. This is a busy month for me. I’ve been put in charge of our store’s inventory this year and I’ll be traveling to other stores to help them out as well. I’ve been involved in inventory many, many times, but not to this degree. So, I’m hoping it all goes smoothly.

Oh! The Witch got married this past Monday. As soon as I saw the pictures on the internet, I called S.O. and told him. I also told him the wedding looked pretty backwoods to me. They got married outside in front of what I thought was a barn, neither of them looked ecstatically happy, like you would expect. Her new hubs kinda dressed up and she was in a flannel shirt, blue jeans and a Carhartt jacket. Yeehaw lol. S.O. called me later that day, he’d went to visit his best friend and bf’s girlfriend. They were all looking at the pictures and he told me that the building I thought was a barn was actually a car detail shop and they were all standing by a big mud puddle. There was one picture of her holding her marriage license somewhat smiling, with a cigarette in her other hand. Funny. Can’t get any more redneck than what they did, I guess. We’re jsut both relieved that she no longer carries our last name 🙂

It’s been raining here all weekend. I don’t mind the rain except for during the Winter, then it’s jsut nasty. Paisley caught a mouse a few days ago. I was so proud of her! My daughter spotted it that morning and freaked. We’ve never had issues with bugs or mice in our house since we moved in. When we lived with my sister in the old trailer (mobile home), I heard mice in the walls the first night we were there. That’s an awful sound to hear less than a foot from your head. My bed was up against the wall and I could hear them chewing in the wall. Horrible! Anyway, we haven’t had any problems with our current home. Paisley finally got it in the dining room draperies. I carefully got it out of the house quickly without having to come in contact with it. When I got it far enough from the house, I was going to put it in a wood pile. My puppy, Humphrey, likes to jump on you while you’re outside. He can almost get up to my shoulders when he jumps and he does it non-stop. You’d think he’d get tired! When he jumped on me, he knocked the plastic cup out of my hands that I had it covered up in and it fell on the ground. It ran under some leaves but I stomped on the ground til it was dead. Luckily, Humphrey didn’t see it. He was too busy jumping on me. I’ll have to see what Victoria Stilwell’s training tips say about constant jumping. Anywho, I’ve been procrastinating for over a week now and have yet to take down my tree. I think I’ll do that now. I hope ya’ll have a fabulous day!