finally changed her name on Facebook. Bout dang time! Anywho, sometimes SO gets worried that I’m gonna be mad at him for somethin really stupid that’s 9 times outta 10, beyond his control. Like when he hurt his back over the weekend. I’ve suspected for some time now that this fear stems from his relationship and very short-lived marriage to the Witch(aka skanky hoe bag…SHB). A couple of nights ago, I asked Tater if SHB got mad at her dad often for stupid things while they were still together. She said yes, all the time. jsut as I suspected. She said they fought all the time, and usually SHB started it. Tater told me many stories about SHB, things she’d never told me before. She’s an even more horrible person than I originally thought. Tater said her dad was always very unhappy when he was still with her. I’m quite the opposite of SHB. I rarely get mad and try not to show my anger. And when I do get mad, it’s not over something ridiculous. I know it will take him some time to get used to being with someone normal again, sad as that is. But, I’m patient.