This last weekend we went to see my favorite Texas country group, the Randy Rogers Band. (I’ve posted a couple of their videos in my music section. The first one is one of my favs.) I’ve loved their music since the first time I heard it almost a decade ago. They had it in the Expo Center, which is where they hold rodeos. So, it might as well been outside. It was in the low 20s that night, so it was really cold. We sat in the bleachers, which are directly in line with the doors (which were open), so it was absolutely freezing the later it got. Finally, we couldn’t take it any longer. We left about 30 minutes early. I could no longer feel my feet and SO was having problems with his neck and back hurting. Something he’s had to deal with since he was almost killed when he flipped his truck back in August.

One thing I didn’t mention is that he kept hinting at something that night. During the concert, he would be holding my left hand and would focus on my ring finger. I wear a sapphire ring on that finger because I like the ring and that’s the finger it fits. He told me several times while taking that finger in his hand that he’s going to change that, meaning the ring. What can I say to that? I’ve known for a while that he’s been thinking about it. But if and when he decides to make that move, it will take me by surprise.

Sunday he starting feeling bad. His stomach was bothering him and he was running a fever. Last night I stopped by to check on him. On the way there, I stopped at the store and got him some cold medicine, several cans of microwaveable soup and some Vicks Vapor Rub. His best friend brought him soup yesterday as well. He was scheduled to go to the chiropractor today, but he opted for his regular doctor.

He called me today after he got through with his appointment. It turns out that he has the flu, but the doctor also found something that I wasn’t expecting. When SO called me, he told me his doctor found skin cancer. He couldn’t tell me the technical name of it and I don’t know if there’s more types than melanoma. He said when it grows, it’s like fingers or spider legs and goes into the tissue. His doctor gave him something to put on it that is supposed to draw it back to the originating cell, which would make it easier to remove when they do the biopsy.

He called me later and asked me not to tell the kids, he doesn’t want them to worry. I’m still trying to grasp this myself. His father had skin cancer for many years, but ended up dying from a brain aneurism. I want to do research on this, but on the other hand, I don’t. When I found out that I had polyps in my uterus, I turned to the internet and what I read scared the hell out of me. SO told me he doesn’t want me to worry, even though he knows I will. He says we’ll jsut take this as it comes and we’ll get it taken care of. Still, it wasn’t the news I wanted. I just have to stay positive and pray that when the time comes, the doctor gets it all.