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Last night, I spent some time with SO. He was on call with the wrecker all weekend, but luckily he didn’t get a call while I was over there. One of the things we enjoy doing is jsut snuggling in each others arms, it’s our quiet time. I cherish it because it’s something we never did before. I also sometimes worry that he’ll eventually grow tired of it like most men do. They become too comfortable with the person they’re with and they jsut quit trying. It’s happened to me before with others from the past and I hope that doesn’t happen with us again. He quit trying after we got married and I’ll be heartbroken if he gets that way again. He was especially quiet last night and I knew something was on his mind. I asked him a couple of times, but there was no getting anything out of him. Eventually he admitted there is something he’s not telling me, but said he would tell me eventually. He also told me he’s done nothing wrong, that he hasn’t done anything he shouldn’t. I told him I know he hasn’t. I do, however, worry about what it could be. The first thing that came to mind is the possible skin cancer. I can’t handle any bad news when it comes to him. During this time he continually caressed my ring finger and I could tell he was deep in thought. I jsut wish he’d tell me whatever it is. I hate not knowing and I hope I can handle whatever it is that he has to tell me.