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My son is feeling much better, but his memory is patchy from Sunday. I went to see him Sunday afternoon. He was outside looking for something in his truck. Apparently he’d gotten mad at his ex-girlfriend that he’d broken up with on Friday and threw his phone because she wouldn’t leave him alone. Plus, he was tired of people texting him about what happened. He couldn’t find the battery to his phone and was searching all through his truck. After he finally gave up, he found both his sim card and his battery in his pocket. He didn’t want his phone, so Kiwi gave him her spare. He was still half-lit from being drugged. He looked awful. He told me that this female friend of his, who works at a bar & grill, served him 4 very strong margaritas. Not the smartest thing to do, considering what he already had in his system. He felt horrible and told me he wished the stuff would hurry up and get out of his system.We were standing at his truck and he was having problems getting the window up. His interior door panel was hanging on by a thread and he no longer had a door handle. Not sure how that happened, but the panel was in bad shape already when he bought the truck. He draped a couple of t-shirts over the window for that night.

Early Monday morning, he woke up jsut after 1am. I woke up and he asked if I could take him home. He said when he woke up he didn’t ever remember where he was. He told me his friend wouldn’t let him drive earlier that day(that’s the only good thing she did) , so she took him to my house to sleep. As I drove him home, he talked to me about the events that had happened the night before. The two people who drugged him were drug dealers. They’d talked about cars and I’m sure it’s during that time that they drugged him. He said he didn’t realize they were dealers until they tried to get him and his roommate to buy drugs. Not jsut pot, but the hard stuff. He said he and his roommate had taken the two guys home, so he’d told the cops where the guys live. The cops in our town keep a pretty good eye on drug trafficking so I’m sure they already knew who those guys were anyway.

He’s been feeling much better since Monday. He asked me if we could celebrate his birthday tonight. I told him that works for me. He’s even more determined now to go back to school and get back into baseball. I hope he sticks with it because he’s one helluva short-stop! He’s still feeling responsible for what happened, but I’m hoping in time that he’ll realize he had no control over that.