That’s what my daughter has dated for the past 2 years. He’s trash that comes from a very trashy family. Everybody sees it but her.  She broke up with him tonight because she said she’s tired of being treated like crap. Not even 30 minutes later, he shows up and she gets back with him. I also discovered that she’s been staying at his house when she’s been claiming to stay at her best friend’s house. I was hoping she would have learned from my mistakes, but I guess not. Even though she took a vow in church to wait til she got married. I’m not shocked or anything, but my suspicions have been confirmed that she’s been lying to me more than I thought. She’s about to not graduate because she’s been more concerned about him for the past 2 years than her school work and finishing school. He’s also the reason she wrecked her car, because his dad and gf were having a fight and he didn’t want to be around it. She was supposed to be spending the night with her best friend that night. The story is that she left there to go get him, but I’m thinking she was with him the whole time that night. Why? Because her best friend came over the next morning and asked my daughter if I said anything. Of course, I’m sure she’ll regret everything once she is finally rid of him and realizes that’s something she can never take back. I’m only thankful she had to get on birth control years ago for her female problems.