This morning I was on my way to work when a girl friend of my son and daughter called me to tell me that my son was in the ER. When I got there, I had to fill out all the necessary paperwork. After that, they took me in to see my son. He was being stitched up. He was with his scumbag friends again last night at the river (45 minutes away) and he got very, very drunk and fell and hit his head on a coffee table, cutting his head open in the process. The girl that called me was in there holding his hand while he was getting stitched up and told him I was there. He asked her why I was there, she told him because I’m his mom and I should be there. After the doctor got done, the girl left the room and he started crying. He looked at me and told me he’s sorry, then proceeded to tell me he didn’t want me there and to leave. So, I left. My mom took him to her house and let him sleep off his drunkeness. Kiwi asked him once he woke up what’s going on with him. She told him that she’s already got a phone call that somebody died in his apartment, he’s been in a wreck, then he was arrested and now he was taken to the hospital. She asked him what’s next, that she gets a phone call that her brother is dead? She said he started crying and told her he’s sorry. Kiwi said he didn’t remember how he got hurt or even getting stitches. She said that he told her he’s already disappointed me so much. I told my mom and Kiwi that the way he was talking to me this morning is like he no longer wants me in his life. I told them both that I’m done. I’m tired of him hurting me and never saying he’s sorry. He no longer wants a mother, then that’s fine. He doesn’t have one. He’s chosen these two morons over his only parent.

I spent some time with SO this afternoon. When I got home, the two scumbags were in my driveway. I honked my horn at them to move. After I pulled in and parked my car, my son walked outside with his dog and said nothing to me. SO has been trying to be supportive, but also trying to get me to understand that he’s got to learn on his own. I told him I understand all that, but it hurts when your only son basically tells you to leave him alone and stay out of his life. Fine. He wants me gone, I’m gone. He thinks the scumbags have his back, then he can make that one phone call to them in the future.