Yesterday I went to the doctor, well the nurse practitioner. I know several people who have gone to her and they really like her. For the past month, I’ve been cramping almost daily. I made my appointment last month and finally got to go yesterday. As I suspected, I have ovarian cysts. The funny thing is that the cysts on my left ovary have been hurting the most and they’re smaller than the ones on the right. She put me on prescription strength ibuprofen and told me not to take any other type of pain reliever other than Tylenol. Of course, the pap and the camera probe thingy made me start cramping again. Sighs. At least it’s not something else because both of my grandmothers had cancer, one breast cancer and the other ovarian.

We found out this past week that the owners of our company sold to an investment firm. This was pretty surprising because their grandfather started the company. I’m going to look at it as a good thing. I think they can help us reach our goals of expanding even quick than what we anticipated. Another exciting thing is that we went live last month with e-commerce, meaning people can buy things online. People that are not familiar with our company or don’t have stores in their area can now buy things at their convenience. They tell us we’ve had lots of hits from the Washington state area. Coolio!

Son and NGF are really excited about moving into their new place and we’re excited for them. Son texted me today and apologized for everything he’s put me through. I told him he’s already been forgiven. He’s a good kid, I’m jsut thankful he’s finally getting his life straightened out.

In other news, one of my ears seem to be clogged up and I feel a lot of pressure on it. I can’t hear real well out of it and have tried using cleaning solutions, but have gotten nothing and had very little results. Mom thinks it’s the weather. I don’t care what’s causing it, I’m jsut tired of the ringing and feeling like I’m half-deaf. Bleah.