Last weekend Tater spent the weekend with SO. It was her first weekend to actually stay over in probably a year. She doesn’t laying staying over if it’s jsut her. Now that her oldest sister has a family of her own, she won’t be staying weekends with Daddy anymore. Tater usually prefers to jsut hang out with him for the day. This past weekend, his best friend and gf had their closest friends over so Tater and SO stayed over there. The friends have a daughter that is close to Tater’s age whom she’s friends with. The night that he brought Tater home, he called me. As always, I was having trouble with my pos Samsung phone and it wouldn’t let me answer my phone. I called him back and after the initial, I jsut took Tater home, he began asking how I was. My usual, I’m fine. He told me that he’s wanted to call and hoped I would call, but wanted to give me time. For what? I ended things for a reason. Not because I needed to think, but because he totally dismissed our daughter for 8 months and I wasn’t happy with him. End of story. We gave it a go and it didn’t work. I’m not going back. I’ll be his friend, but that’s it.