My son’s fiance has a 13yr old sister that likes drama and enjoys starting it. It took all of us a very short time to see that. His fiance’s father (KCLAL) apparently is going through some mid-life thing and never spends any time with the younger daughter. Hence, my son and his fiance getting her constantly dumped on them. He feels sorry for her and I guess is trying to make up for her father’s whatever it is. Every time we see them, they have her with them and we’d rather just not. The girl has been through some stuff when she was younger and they never got help for her. They all jsut ignore it like nothing ever happened. She lives in a fantasy land. She’s already caused problems with myself and Kiwi and Tater. That kid needs help. And if he’s not careful, she’ll be turning her problem causing attention to my son’s marriage before it even gets off the ground.