Tater started high school today. Her first and second period classes are Algebra I. We thought the school made an error on her schedule, but they did that for kids taking that class so it will act as a reinforcement on their learning that class.

Kiwi turns 19 this week. God help me! She confirmed my worst fear about a week ago and admitted that she had sex with that scrawny loser she calls her boyfriend. At least she’s on the pill. I told her that she doesn’t want to find herself not even started with life and pregnant. I wish she’d been a little more choosey in boys, but we can’t choose for them. Someone more worthy of her would have been good. I jsut hope that she recognizes her mistake once she’s finally rid of him.

Kiwi has been custom painting mailboxes for family members. She’s a very talented artist, she draws a lot and this new thing jsut adds to her list of talents. I’m taking ours over to SO tomorrow so he can clear coat it for me. Plus his back has been bothering him the past couple of days and I want to make sure he’s ok. He’s got a slipped disk from when he had his wreck a year ago. Painful stuff.

Sons of Anarchy starts in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait! I’m still trying to find Season 3 in stores…grrr. Ok, that’s all the update I have time for. I’ve been fighting a headache since a couple of days ago and I need to rest before work. Tootles!