In a couple of weeks, Son will be getting married. FDIL is almost done with all of the preparations. I think both sides of the family will sit back and breathe a sigh of relief once it’s all said and done. Afterall, it’s not easy to put a wedding together in 3 months.

This month all through November is the Texas Renaissance Festival ( I’ve never been and SO wants to take me, he says the first time you go is always the best because of how much is put into to it to make it happen. I asked him if we can bring Tater and Kiwi as well, he said of course. Tater has been with her dad before, but Kiwi has never been. I thought it would be a cool thing we could all do together. I hear they have some amazing food there and they have these big turkey legs you can get. I’m gonna get one 🙂 He wanted me to take off next weekend, but I explained to him that I jsut can’t take off if I expect to still have a job. We plan on going the weekend after Son’s wedding, that’s when I start my vacation. SO is asking off for both today, he asked me if I had to choose between the two for him to get off for, which would it be. SO doesn’t normally work weekends, but he does cycle through the wrecker rotation which he gets 1-2 times a month. I told him that if he had to choose, to pick the Renaissance because he really wants to take me. I told him I want him to come to the wedding as well, but I’ve never been to Renfest, so pick that if he has to. I’m hoping Bossman is feeling generous today.

SO has been looking at purchasing a repo’d trailer (mobile home), but we’ve all been hoping that he would go ahead and build a house. He called me a couple of days ago and told me he’d jsut got off the phone with SOBFF. He’s decided to build a house. YAY! BFF finally talked to him about it and talked him into it. Although I felt that was the right way to go, I never tried to sway his decision. That’s how we are with one another, we want what’s best but we’re not going to try to change each other’s mind about anything. He’s really excited. Both BFF and my dad can help him with the electrical work. Both have their electrical license, at least I think BFF does. That’s why I suggested Dad be involved, jsut in case. It’ll be a 2 bedroom house, one for Tater included.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Kiwi wants to run and grab some lunch. Tootles!