SO jsut called me about his boss’ travel trailer. He’s been letting SO use it since the tree destroyed his house. Bossman offered it to him for 9k and SO asked me to find out what it’s worth including all the options it has. Turns out that it’s worth more than twice that, so we both thought it was a really good deal. Plus, Bossman is going to get everything fixed on it that it has wrong with it..a few things they shorted out…at no extra charge. SO told me he thought he’d get it, but he wanted my permission. I told him I thought it’s a good deal, so he’s gonna get it. He told me he’ll have to eventually get a 3/4 ton truck to pull it when we want to go somewhere but that won’t be any problem. Next on the list, get a definitive plan for the new house he’s planning to build and go from there. I’m so excited!

Update….SO jsut called me back to tell me we now own a travel trailer. He said we can take the kids and go camping whenever we want 😀