A couple of weeks ago, I took Kiwi to a dance club in SO’s neck of the woods for a concert. The son of a friend of mine that actually first introduced me n SO to one another was there. He’s the same age as my son. He hadn’t seen Kiwi since she was about 5 years old, but he recognized her and remembered her name. He asked her to dance a few times, but she never would. One of the guys from work was also there and made her dance with them lol. Anyway, Kiwi and FS (friend’s son) talked for a bit. I think it impressed her that he remembered who she was.

To my surprise, they have been talking since then. Kiwi added him on her FB, but LB (loser boyfriend) said something about it to her and threw a fit. She deleted FS from her fb, but that didn’t stop her from talking to him. They have been hanging out with each other. He’s visited her at work, taken her to lunch a couple of times. And, she has had him over at the house a handful of times to watch movies. I asked her a few days ago if he had kissed her yet, he hasn’t. She told him what I had asked, he told her he’s a gentleman. I was hoping she would meet someone who has some respect for her. I’m jsut hoping that she begins to appreciate someone who can hold down a good job, has their own vehicle and pays for it and pays for her meals on a lunch date instead of the other way around. For the past two years, she’s been the man in her relationship with LB. I haven’t mentioned LB, but I’m hoping she makes the right decision in all of this. It would be nice to see her start having some respect for herself and seek someone out that has that same respect. Sighs. We’ll see what she does. It’s very obvious that she likes him jsut as much as he does her. I’m jsut hoping she doesn’t hurt him and run back to the scumbag.