So, I’ve been sick all week (since Monday). This past Saturday night, Son and FDIL got married. Yes, I cried. He’s been sick for the past month. We had him in the hospital a couple of weeks ago and again last week. The hospital doctors seemed to think it stemmed from when he got food poisoning 3 months ago. I wanted to be sure, so I had him see our family doctor this week. He wants Son to get a colonoscopy so he can jsut make sure and know how to treat him. I feel much better with our doctor involved!

I forgot to mention that Saturday morning, Tater came down with a stomach virus. She ate some cold pizza and then starting puking shortly after that. She felt horrible during the wedding and she & Kiwi both were bridesmaids. Shortly before the preacher pronounced them husband and wife, Tater promptly walked out the side door of the church. She tried to get back in after she did her business, but the door was locked so she had to walk around to the front. She walked back up to the front, got in her place jsut in time to be escorted by the groomsman. They were the last to walk. I felt horrible for her that she had to miss the very last of the wedding.

The rest of that night, she layed down in the pastor’s office. I went in to check on her several times. Monday, Tater stayed home from school because she was still feeling back. Although she had gotten past the pukes. I had to close that night. I’d been feeling bad all day. I went to lunch that evening, I always go home for lunch. When it was time to go back to work, I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it. I called my boss and told her I was sick and would need to take sick time for the rest of the night. Then I called the other manager there and told her I wouldn’t be returning that night. Not even 5 minutes later, it hit me and then I had the pukes. Tuesday I was off and stayed in bed all day. I was feeling a little better but I hurt all over. Yesterday, was an early day for me. I ended up leaving a little early for the day because I was still feeling bad. Needless to say, I turned in early. Today, I’m feeling better but still very week.

Tomorrow I start my vacation, I’m so ready! Saturday me, SO, Tater and possibly Kiwi are going to the Texas Renaissance Festival. I hope Kiwi will get to go, but we’ll find out tomorrow. His BFF, gf and gf’s daughter are also going. It should be fun. Then, next weekend is rendezvous. Can’t wait!

So, that’s what’s been going on in my neck of the woods. Today’s the first time I’ve been on the pc in a couple of days, if you count the 5 minutes I was on it Tuesday. Anyhow, ciao!