…feeling better! SO, Tater & I, along with his bff, gf and her daughter all went to the renaissance festival.We all had a good time. Tater & I shared a turkey leg, which was the first real solid food I’ve had this week.

When we got home, I found that the club that opened up down the highway had their music playing loud enough for me to hear the words in my room. We live a little over a quarter mile away. Sad, isn’t it. I called the sherriff’s office twice, but as soon as they’d leave the music would be cranked up again. I’m paying a visit to my police department tomorrow. Something has to be done. Enough is enough.

Other than that, Kiwi finally broke up with LB. She’s sad to end something after almost 2 n a half years, but I think it helps that she has someone else waiting. As horrible as that sounds, but I seriously don’t think she would have ever ended it if she didn’t have someone else. I jsut hope she sticks with it this time. All he ever did was bring her down.

So, I’m done for now.