These are the two things I refuse to discuss with anyone. I don’t enjoy discussing either of those subjects with anyone. I could care less what anyone’s opinions are and I’m not gonna try to convince anyone that my opinions or my ways are the right ones. I don’t watch news channels because I end up getting pissed off. CNN is anti-Republican, Fox is anti-everyone-else and they’re both very one-sided. I would love to find a single media outlet that isn’t biased in some way and tells it the way it is. Not gonna happen. I don’t get on the internet a whole heckuvalot because I get tired of the political pissing contest I often see. I get on FB mainly to play games and that’s pretty much it. I rarely comment on anyone’s page unless it’s family. If politics are mentioned on sites that I frequent, I tend to hit the little red x in the top right hand corner of my screen whether I agree or disagree with what is being said. I jsut assume not even bother. I get on the net to take a break from every day life and relax. Not to get pissy and let it help contribute to ruining my good mood. If I get pissy, I might go days without getting on. I’d jsut rather be happy than irritated.

For the record, I’m a Christian but I don’t talk about it. It’s no one’s business but my own. I’m also a member of the Republican party. Before voting, I weigh all the pros and cons of each candidate. I take into consideration what each party represents. And if a candidate (regardless of the party) is for something I don’t agree with, they don’t get my vote. I won’t NOT vote for a candidate jsut because of the party they represent. I don’t agree with everything my party represents. I don’t agree with everything politicians from the party do. Oh yeah, and I still like Bush. I liked Reagan, I even liked Clinton until he denied having an affair with that skanky ho. Bush made mistakes during his two terms, but he didn’t make those mistakes all on his own. No President ever does. And he certainly didn’t screw this country up during his 8 years. It was already pretty fucked up to begin with before he got in Office. Our economy’s been goin down the shitter for a longass time. The Republicans aren’t perfect by any means. But the same can be said about the Democrats and Liberals. Four years ago, I gave Obama the benefit of a doubt. He didn’t live up to my expectations. He’s made some bad decisions jsut as Bush did. And he’s contributed to fucking this country up even more than what it already was. However, Bush’s citizenship has never been called into question. Another reason I don’t listen to what others have to say about politics..because people are full of hate these days. And politicians are liars, all of them. Anyone who says otherwise is a dumbass. So, I could say a lot more, but I’ll end up jsut getting pissed off. Tootles.