My a/c has been out off n on for a little over a week now. After 3 times of having to drive an hour n a half one way to my house after the initial visit, the a/c company has decided to finally replace the compressor on my air conditioner. Took them long enough!

This past Saturday was Tater’s only niece’s 1st birthday, SO’s oldest daughter’s baby. SO had jsut left and we were there for only 20 minutes and Tater got hurt. We had to drive 40 minutes back to town and spent the rest of the afternoon at the hospital. Luckily, it was jsut a bad sprain. We’ve been staying at my parents since then because of the a/c, but they can look after her for me while I’m at work. She’s on crutches and doesn’t do well with them. Thankfully, she’s on the mend though. That’s it for now. Off to spend some quality time with SO 🙂