So, I have this old Yahoo friend. I quit talking to her for years because she kept pushing my friendship aside, always for a guy. When whatever guy she was ‘friends’ with would be ugly to me…she would defend him when I’d say something to her about it. She would jsut rave about these guys, each one of them was a dick. The last straw for me was one of those dicks being a total jerk to me, she said nothing. I sent her a message telling her that I ‘d had it with her male friends being total assholes to me and her making excuses for them and acting as if they’re so great, blah blah blah. I was very long-winded when I told her that for someone that claimed I was her bff and that she cherished my friendship oh so much, that I was tired of always being there for her and her always blowing me off. When I’d talk to her on the phone, she’d cut me off because whatever she had going on was always more important, even when I really needed to talk. Her male friends always took precedence over me. She always had a way of making me feel insignificant. And the one guy that meant a lot to me, she hated and always told me so. I always wondered if maybe she was jealous or something, but who knows. So, after enduring all of that for a few short years, I told her off and stopped speaking to her.

A couple of years ago, she sent me a message telling me how she missed my friendship. So I started talking to her again. I’d started noticing things again. She was still putting her guy friends on a pedestal. I got tired of hearing it. I could tell she hadn’t really changed at all. When I was going through my crisis a few weeks ago, I texted her and never heard from her. Thanks, FRIEND. I didn’t try to contact her after that. So, yesterday, Whabbs tagged Arie and I in a post that both of us have a MSTC. Ironically, right after I was tagged, my ‘friend’ sent me a message telling me that if she ever failed me as a friend, she’s sorry. Well that’s the understatement of the century. Time and time again she failed me as a friend. I was always a friend of convenience to her. She talked to me when she needed me but was rarely there when I needed a friend. Nothing’s changed. I’ll continue to keep her at a distance from this point forward.