So, obviously today stirred up a lot of talk across the country involving the Support Chick-Fil-A day. I’ve seen many posts on Facebook, some from my friends, some from family, some from politicians. Some showing support, some very against it. I usually try to keep my opinions to myself, but I’ve got some things to say. For those of you that are protesting Chick-Fil-A and stating “I’ll never eat there again”, I’ve got one question for ya. What about the rest of us? I’m gonna change the subject a bit…What about when you protesting sonsabitches had prayer taken out of school? When I was a kid, we prayed in school, we said the Pledge of Allegiance. It wasn’t an awful thing to believe in God. Kids grew up knowing there is a higher power in place, whether it be God or whatever you choose to call it. We weren’t exposed to hate. By the time I had kids and they started school, they took prayer out of school all because of someone’s fucking opinion and protests. Someone whined too much and decided that their way was the right way for me and my family and we were told we could not do that ever again. Why? Because we might offend the atheist. Excuse me? You fuckers invaded MY way of life and told me what MY kids should or should not be exposed to.  You made it to where believing in a higher power is a bad thing. If they didn’t want their atheist kids to pray, they didn’t have to pray. Jsut sit there and look out the window or at all the kids praying, or whatever. Nobody forced them to pray. Let me tell you something, having faith in a higher power is all some people have left in this world. My kids were exposed to much different ways than I ever was. Bad things. They were told that it was bad to even mention God in school because you might offend someone. So, for those of us that believe in God or a higher power, we were told it was no longer right to do so. I’m not talking about Christians. To me, the definition of a Christian isn’t what it used to be. I’m talking about believers and I am a believer. Funny thing is, the majority of the country believes in a higher power. But my kids grew up basically being told it’s against the law to stand up for what you believe in. You took the reminder away from my kids that when they lose faith in life and humanity, they still have a higher power to turn to! Funny that nobody had a problem when believers were told they could no longer pray in school and still aren’t allowed to. That was right was taken from my kids. What is wrong with you people? Remember this? Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. That’s from our Bill of Rights. What happened to that you jerks?

Yes, I have a bit of a grudge and I’m not afraid to express my opinion about it. Now, that I’m off my soapbox… If you know me at all, you should already know the following: I don’t care if people choose to date or even marry the same-sex. I don’t care if someone chooses to be with someone of a different race. Whatever. People can do as they please and be with who they please. It’s no sweat off my back. God loves us all. I’m not a prejudice person against race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. I’ve known and still know plenty of people who are in same-sex relationships and they are no different from you or me. Same goes for race. They’re all good people and I love them. I LOVE all people, except for maybe SHB. She’s a skeez. But I’m also not going to be shunned or look down upon for where I choose to eat! It doesn’t mean a damn thing, not to me! So if I want to get my chicken at Chick-Fil-A, by God, I’m dang sure gonna get it. Nobody is ever gonna tell me that I can’t do something ever again because of something you’re against. And guess what? *Gasps* I ate at Chick-fil-a today, twice! Why? Because some protesting ASSHOLE told me my kids can’t pray in school anymore! And for those that believe in that rule, I’m willin to bet that what the owner of CFA said pissed them off because he mentioned the Bible. So, that was my twisted way of getting back at those jerks that took the aforementioned right from  my kids. Bastards. Maybe it doesn’t make sense to you, but it makes sense to me lol. Anyway, I’m about sick to death of all this protesting bullshit! People jsut hang on whatever the media says nowadays and they’re part of the problem with everything. They’re always publicizing White House leaks that could effect our country’s safety and security, knowing that our enemies monitor our media outlets; they put their personal opinions out there, putting a spin on things and jsut plain ole stirrin up shit. Just to see the dems and reps and whatever else party rail against each other. That’s what’s wrong with this country. It’s gone straight to hell in a handbasket. Anyways, believer or not, I curse when I want to, I’m not at all above it so bite me! And if I’m wanna go have me some Chick-fil-A, I’m gonna do it! Don’t like it? You can shove it!