I’m single, and thankful that I am. Things with the ex-hubs jsut got to be too much. The always drinking, any time we went out…Bud Light for him, and me…unsweetened tea. Wherever we were or he was, he had a beer in his hand. He drank it like some people drink cokes. He’d wake up with a hangover every day. I remember one time he insisted on taking me to a concert at one of the local bars. People from work were there and he was drunk off his ass. He was hanging all over me and I asked him to stop because I don’t like it and people would stare. He’d get right in my face and say in his drunk voice ‘fuck them baby’. Ugh..jsut thinking about it. Last Christmas came around, I don’t even remember what he got me, if anything. All I do remember is that he acted as if my family had the plague and would barely interact with them. It made things awkward for everyone. He was that way any time he was around my family and they were always nothing but nice to him. He never spent any time with Tater, wouldn’t even call her. He’d jsut tell me to tell her that he loved her. Things jsut kept getting worse and worse. New Years…Valentine’s Day, with each holiday and birthday I was made to feel even more unimportant.

My oldest daughter had moved to the same town where the Hick (my ex-bf)  lives for school. The ex-hubs went with us. My son, my daughter’s bf, Tater and my daughter-in-law and her sister all went to see her off. I was having a hard time with it, she and I have always been close. We were all having a hard time with it, we were all crying. The ex didn’t understand why it was such a big deal and he was being an ass about it the whole time. I needed support and he was jsut being a dick. He said we were all acting like someone died. He was being his usual douchebag-self. That made a lasting impression on me.

The ex-bf, the Hick, in my life continued to stay in contact with me, as he always had. He told me that he missed me and kept asking me to come see him. I finally gave in around the end of March. I had made plans to go visit my daughter, but then the ex-hubs decided he wanted to go four-wheeling, but I’m not into that kind of thing. (With him, it was always what he wanted to do, never cared much for what I wanted.) Imagine, him putting himself before my kid! He wanted me to go because he said he knew I ‘like nature’ and all. I got sick the night before we were supposed to go, thank goodness. I wasn’t faking either, I was seriously sick. Maybe I was physically sick of him. So, he went without me. I was feeling better later that morning so I went to see my daughter. But while I was there, I went to see the Hick..the first time in 8 years. It was good to see him, I missed his face.

I saw the ex-hubs 3 days later and I broke things off with him. I gave him back his ring, cried a few tears, but they were more of tears of freedom than sorrow. He continued drinking, would send me drunken text messages, call me and cuss me out for breaking his heart even though he never took care of mine. Tried his best to make me feel bad. I can’t even begin to tell you how bad it got. I was glad I had finally opened my eyes and got away. I went back to see the Hick the next weekend. That time he kissed me, many times. That wasn’t expected, he made me feel wanted. I missed that feeling from anyone. As soon as he kissed me I wondered why I had stayed with the ex-hubs for as long as I did. I wasn’t being treated the way I deserved or getting what I needed from him. I continued to see the Hick for the next 3 months. But the funny thing is, when I started visiting him, I stopped hearing from him. He used to text me all the time and send me stuff on FB. As soon as I started seeing him, nothing. Finally, one day he made my daughter a promise that she could come over and go fishing and didn’t follow through. He gave her this lame excuse. That evening, he texted me saying she didn’t show up like she was supposed to and he kept trying to text her but got nothing. I called her and asked, she said he texted her once and she didn’t answer. Now, you can screw me over, but when it involves my kids? That’s a big no-no. And that was that with him. Figures. I honestly expected more out of him. Maybe I thought too highly of myself that he would never treat me that way. Or, maybe I’m giving him too much credit…;)