About a year and a half ago, I purchased laminate flooring for my house but never installed it. Since I decided that I’m going to sell my house and move, I decided to use the flooring in the house I’m moving to. About a month ago, I installed the flooring in my daughter’s room. It looked alright other than the lines from the seams. If you’ve ever installed flooring, you know where I’m going with this. I was talking to someone at work a day or two after I had installed it. They had told me how they had installed flooring in their house, as well. They talked about how easy it was, besides having to cut the planks to stagger them. I questioned her about staggering…I had no clue you’re supposed to stagger even though I had a how-to book. It didn’t illustrate or come out and say that you’re supposed to stagger, so I didn’t. I decided that I was jsut going to leave the floor as is. Until 2 weekends ago. I had a 3-day weekend that I spent painting at the other house. On the third day off, I couldn’t take it anymore. After a little research, I went to the house and pulled the flooring up that I had previously laid down. This time, I staggered the flooring and it looks so much better! The reasoning for staggering is to strengthen the flooring. If the seams meet, they’ll eventually come up too easily. Therefore, when you stagger, the planks won’t be so apt to weaken and come apart. Lesson learned. Now I’ll be able to do the next room without having to re-do it a month later!