I realize there are plenty of the above people in this world,  but I never realized that there are so many in my small.town. My local tv station posted something earlier and I commented on it. Within 5 minutes, about 6 different people jumped on the bandwagon being ugly. I knew there were some crazy people in my town, but I never realized just how much they hate law enforcement. We turn to law enforcement when we’re someone is trying to harm us, they’re also the ones that write us a ticket when we’re speeding, etc. But I never realized just how much people in my town really hate them. I disliked them when I was 18 and stupid and hanging around the wrong people, but these are adults I’m talking about. I sat there in disbelief at the things these people were saying and how they were all trying to act big and bad through their text, so I deleted my comment. They’re not worth my time or energy. I’m seeing more and more just how small-minded some people are. Small town America used to be full of friendly people that would speak to each other and wave as they were passing. Now it seems there’s a lot of angry people that just want to argue. It makes me sad that we live in the society that we do today. Crazy, crazy.